Romero's Gardening Service

If you don't have the time to do gardening work yourself and your yard is looking a bit sad, don't worry — Romero's Gardening Service is here to help!


With regular lawn care from our expert and experienced contractors, your yard will never get overrun with weeds or overgrown plants!


Keep your garden looking healthy

You've already invested quite a pretty penny in purchasing plants and flowers for your garden. Don't let that money go to waste by neglecting to maintain their health. We will help you manage your greenery so they look picture perfect all year long!

• Mulching

• Weeding

• Pruning

• Planting and transplanting

• Edging

• Weed control

• Landscape fabric

• Mulch delivery

Our garden and lawn care services

Don't let the weeds run wild! Have us take care of your lawn: 310-946-7507